Stock Condition and Financial Planning
social housing stock condition consultancy

We have undertaken a number of projects that relate to stock condition surveys, and evaluating the data produced, we have also specified stock condition surveys and evaluated the results to produce cost projections:

  • Partnering with a national construction consultancy undertaking research into the requirements of the Decent Homes Standards and how stock surveys can be utilised to gather information for this and the Housing Health and Safety Rating System.

  • Assisting a national construction consultancy in assembling proposals to undertake stock condition surveys, incorporating a high degree of resident participation and involvement.

  • Evaluating associations' stock condition surveys and adherance to the Decent Homes requirements and current SAP evaluation requirements.

  • Devising and managing the programme of works to deliver Decent Homes works to meet both financial and 'Decent Homes achieved' targets.

  • Specification of stock condition surveys having particular regard to the Decent Homes Standard and the need to identify anticipated expenditure over a 25 year period. Using the results to provide a full financial projection and assessing the effects of various scenarios on cash flow.

  • Undertaking due diligence of the hard and soft aspects of facilities management included within comprehensive PFI bids on behalf of funders at the ITCD and ITSFB stages of negotiated tendering arrangements.