Resident Involvement
social housing resident involvement

We have a long history of establishing and working with residents groups as employees and as consultants:

  • Establishing a group of residents groups within a large organisation, formulating and obtaining agreement to the management structure involved.

  • Undertaking consultation over LSVT, including the awareness campaign, information and participation processes.

  • Undertaking S20 consultation with regard to variable service charges and general consultation over contract procurement.

  • Worked with residents alongside staff in the specification of works and services prior to tendering and managed tender evaluation with resident and staff groups.

  • Reviewing processes including design, delivery and reporting on a tenants' focus group that obtained frank and constructive feedback to inform policy and service development.

  • Analysis of the cost of resident involvement and community investments across a group of associations, managing the interpretation of the terms and forming recommendations to improve uniformity.

  • A review of resident involvement mechanisms within an association to streamline the process and remove elements that were repetitive and obstructed the timely implementation of new initiatives.

  • Managing joint staff/resident/board member review groups