Housing associations are Public Bodies for procurement purposes and they are required to adhere to the Public Contract Regulations 2015. 


This is often a surprise to housing association staff.  The reasons for this are down to a European Court of Justice case, (C-237/99) about an “HLM” (a French social housing association - full details can be found here:

We have worked with various organisations on numerous occassions putting together specifications and contract documentation and undertaken the procurement of contracts for housing associations and local authorities.  We have also worked with private sector companies supplying services to the public sector and so we know the process from both sides of the fence.

We have worked in the development of procurement strategies and processes ensuring compliance with internal financial regulations and legislative requirements.  This includes processes to review contracts ahead of their termination date to avoid last minute panics, hiked prices by the incumbent contractor to extend contracts and generally to plan a professional procurement.

In procuring contracts we have worked from select lists, open and restricted tendering and set up frameworks and managed framework call offs.

From October 2018 public sector organisations are required to procure electronically with tenders being received on-line and 'locked' until the deadline for submission has passed.  We have negotiated a special discounted rate with a national tendering portal provider so that we can continue to procure for our public sector clients.


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