Review of existing contracts as well as establishing new contracts are opportunities to make savings and improve service levels.  As the belt is tightened on budgets these opportunities should be grasped and used to your best advantage.


Smaller contracts can be let through estimates, quotations and tender without committing to the full European Union procurement process, however there are requirements for openness and transparency that you should be aware of, as well as needing to adhere to your own internal procurement rules.


When it comes to larger contracts we are fully aware of the new requirements under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and we are able to manage your precurements in a fully compliant manner. Applicable contracts within social housing are generally those with a potential value over £181,302 for goods and services and £4,551,413 for works (Jan 2018 thresholds) and in these cases contracts have to be procured in accordance with EU procurement regulations. The threshold for services is quite low; the thresholds are for potential contract values and so a service contract for three years, extendable for two further years, with an annual value of £36,260 or more would require EU procurement regulations to be followed.

The 'small lots' allowance is the largest size of contract that you can let for contracts that would otherwise fall within the OJEU thresholds, providing the total of small lots contracts does not exceed 20% of the overall value of a particular procurement requirement.  We can help you make best use of this allowance.

We have undertaken procurement above and below the EU thresholds for clients and we have experience letting one off contracts and framework agreements, including call offs and setting up framework agreements for future use. 


We have also undertaken consultation under S20 of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 (CLARA) as part of the procurement process thus ensuring that when service charges are involved the full costs can be recharged to residents.

We have worked as lead in project groups that comprise housing officers, board members and residents and we have led them through the procurement process, as well as developing the tender documentation, including pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ), where permitted, and invitation to tender (ITT) and also the PQQ and ITT evaluation methodologies.


See a case study here.

In addition to procurement through tendering we have also worked with clients in calling off contracts from established framework agreements, as well as setting up framework agreements for clients.

If you would like us to undertake an evaluation of your existing procurement policy and procedures to ensure that they are compliant and practical we would be pleased to talk to you about this.

The elements of the work we undertake include:

  • Project Management - to identify your precise requirements, advise on the best procurement route and provide advice on Part A and Part B services. Develop a project plan that will ensure the process is delivered in a clearly understood timescale and undertake organisation of project team meetings to agree documentation and undertake evaluation.

  • Consultation including S20 CLARA requirements, other resident consultation, resident involvement and compliance with RP consultation requirements.

  • Develop the contract documentation including any PQQ and ITT, along with documented evaluation methodologies, and including technical specifications.  Ensure compliance with procurement regulations and your own internal policies and procedures.

  • Post the Contract Notice on the OJEU website on your behalf.

  • Deal with potential providers' enquiries including issuing and documenting any Clarification Notices.

  • Adherence to relevant timetables to ensure full compliance.

  • Management of returned documentation and preparation for evaluation including checking for completeness and raising issues with potential providers.

  • Organisation and management of site visits, interviews and taking up references, as required.

  • Management of the tender evaluation process, including full documentation of the process.

  • Notifying successful and unsuccessful bidders and debriefing the parties.

  • Issuing 'Stand Still' notice and ensure compliance with the Public Procurement Remedies Directive 2007/66/EC.

  • Issuing Contract Award Notices in the European Journal.

  • Preparation of contract documentation in readiness for signature by the parties.


If you would like to discuss how we can help you in your procurement work give us a call.

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