• Peter Bird

New EU Procurement Directive Published

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

17 Feb 2014

The long awaited revised procurement directive from the EU has been published (see Link).  In a press released dated 11th February the revised directive is decribed as 'a major overhaul of public procurement rules across the EU' and it continues, 'It will improve a wide range of areas applying to the procurement of goods, works and service'.

The directive, which includes a range of new and revised requirements, including the requirement to publish all contracts on-line (with limited exceptions), now requires translation into UK law and the UK Government has stated that it will move quickly in this respect.  In the meanwhile procurment teams should interpret UK law but have an eye to what the EU requirments have to say.

Come back to this site to read our fuller description of the new directive which we will be publishing in the near future.

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