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A word from Peter Bird, proprietor at
Primary Business Support

"We thought leaving the EU would create a fundamental change to our lives but we had no idea how devastating a virus would change our lives in 2020.  The Corona Virus, Covid-19, has meant that we all must rethink how we live our lives and in business how we continue to operate, and in social housing in particular, how we support some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

We have long said that the world of social housing is ever changing and needs to constantly adjust to new circumstances.  Well, we are currently battling one issue after another like we have never done before.  These are unprecedented times and will need a bold approach to manage.

For many years I have worked with organisations developing risk plans and the risk of epidemic or pandemic has been on the 'high impact low likelihood' list.  Now is the time that those plans are going to be put to the test! 


As ever, the organisations that survive the fittest will be the ones that managing the present and plan for the future.  Social housing will be different post the pandemic. Residents will have changed needs and circumstances. Despite the enormous investment by the government to assist businesses to survive there will inevitably be business failures, caution amongst the surviving businesses, and financial impact for all of us, businesses and individuals alike.  We need to manage the present and plan for the future.

We are continuing to work and have been undertaking meetings using file sharing and conferencing technology to ensure that work is delivered in a safe manner.

If you want someone to talk through options or ideas, or if you want general advice I'm very happy to talk to you either by phone or Skype, of course, I make no charge for exploratory discussions.


I am equally interested if you are looking for someone to take on a particular aspect of work as a project.

If you need assistance, support or advice through this period please do get in touch.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!"

Peter Bird FCIH FCMI

About Primary Business Support


PBS is a small social housing consultancy able to offer you a personal service tailored to your needs.  With over 25 years working for local authorities and housing associations and over seventeen years working as a social housing consultant I am able to provide you with bespoke consultancy and project management.  A network of like-minded independent consultants also enables me to work collaboratively to extend the services that I can offer you.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Thanks to our investment in technology we are able to continue to provide consultancy services during the current crisis through the use of conference calls, video calls, file sharing and, of course, telephone calls and email.  We use email or Microsoft Teams for the exchange and sharing of documents and other files and use Teams or Zoom for on-line conferencing, depending on the client's preference.

Client Comment:
Customer feedback
'Peter provided excellent advice and expertise in procuring a number of new Framework Agreements.  Peter has a thorough working knowledge of the public procurement regulations and was able to deliver the project on time and in a clear and concise manner.  Peter was very responsive to our client needs and gave excellent value for money through a competitive fee structure.'

Darren Toes, Operations Director, Wokingham Housing Limited, January 2016, following a project in which we worked with WHL to put two contracts for employer's agent services in place and then worked with WHL and its legal advisors in putting Framework Agreements in place for future service requirements.


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