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New OJEU thresholds take effect from 1st January 2018

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

6 Jan 2018

The new OJEU threshold levels have been published.  These are the maximum potential contract values above which the full OJEU procurement process must be followed.

The value for main contracts are:

Works: £4,551,413 Services*: £181,302 Supplies*: £181,302

*other than schedule 1 bodies (central government bodies) for whom the thresholds are £118,133 respectively.

The threshold for the Light Touch Regime for services is set at £615,278.

Small lots thresholds are:

Works: £820,370 Services: £65,630 Supplies: £65,630

The value of the contract includes the value of any potential contract extension.

The threshold for service contracts mean that a three year contract with potential for a two year extension and with an annual value of just £36,260 will need to be procured following the OJEU process.

The Cabinet Office Procurement Policy Note canbe found here: Procurement Policy Note

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