Interim Management

In addition to having a business relationship with a specialist supplier of interim managers for senior positions throughout the UK we also undertake interim management ourselves for suitable positions.

We have undertaken:


Interim Management for a large local authority providing specialist asset management and procurement services.

Work here included:

  • Procuring multi-million pounds of contracts for services and works.

  • Establishing a rolling programme of procurement that will allow well managed contract review in the future.

  • Establishing comprehensive service specifications that include arrangements for continuous improvement through KPIs.

  • Establishing an awareness of procurement requirements amongst permanent staff.

  • Project delivery management ensuring HCA targets were met and exceeded resulting in significant grant being received.

  • Covering the post of Maintenance and Asset Manager, including restructuring the team and recruitment to new and vacant posts, including the new permanent manager.


Interim Management, leading the Strategic Services team for a significant housing association operating in the south as it prepared to form a group structure with other existing associations.


Work here included:

  • Managing staff delivering the following functions:

    • Continuous improvement

    • Public relations and marketing

    • Sustainability and innovation

    • Research

    • Bespoke project work

  • Producing a marketing strategy for a development consortium comprising eight associations.

  • Leading the workstream, and developing and implementing an action plan, for the PR and media strategies for the new group, including developing the new corporate housestyle, promotional material and website.

  • Facilitating a meeting with HR Managers from the new group members to formulate a new HR departmental structure to meet the new organisation's needs.

  • Lead on the implementation of corporate project planning software that interlinked the Corporate Plan to departmental work programmes down to individual responsibilities.

  • Review of the Corporate Plan and reporting to Board on progress.

  • Structural review of resident involvement processes.

  • Production of an innovative format of annual report.